Gloom to Bloom in 12 Days

This Mountain View listing located in the heart Silicon Valley brought together a lot of the expertise I’ve gained over the years, so we documented the entire process to show how I took the home from “gloom to bloom.”

Chronicles of a Silicon Valley Real Estate Evangelist - Day 2,950

A lot on my mind recently. Reflection is a word that comes to mind. I think you do this more when you are older and more mature? :) So, I'm just going to start writing.

Woke up late today and wasn’t able to find the time to spend some time centering myself with scripture or some positive affirmations. (Note to self: when I don't spend time in the morning to just be silent, I find myself being more quick tempered and impatient). Quickly jumped on the phone with some out-of-state sellers to discuss negotiation strategy on their North Los Altos property. Motivation is key. Motivated sellers. Motivated buyers. Motivated agents. Without motivation, real estate is like drudgery. With motivation, you can create happy buyers, happy sellers, and wonderful real estate experiences.