Chronicles of a Silicon Valley Real Estate Evangelist - Day 2,950

A lot on my mind recently. Reflection is a word that comes to mind. I think you do this more when you are older and more mature? :) So, I'm just going to start writing.

Woke up late today and wasn’t able to find the time to spend some time centering myself with scripture or some positive affirmations. (Note to self: when I don't spend time in the morning to just be silent, I find myself being more quick tempered and impatient). Quickly jumped on the phone with some out-of-state sellers to discuss negotiation strategy on their North Los Altos property. Motivation is key. Motivated sellers. Motivated buyers. Motivated agents. Without motivation, real estate is like drudgery. With motivation, you can create happy buyers, happy sellers, and wonderful real estate experiences.

At 10am, headed over to Lyfe Kitchen (Frittata and coffee is the way to go) with a few good men looking to develop a website for leadership training material. Time flies when the entrepreneur in me starts thinking of different business ideas and quickly two and a half hours later, it was time to go.

I was having some work done on my car, so it was being picked up at the office. Met the rep picking up my car, had a quick conversation about what an innovative car company Tesla is, and then got picked up to head up to Burlingame for inspections on an off-market home that my first-time home buyer clients were in contract on.

Great little cul-de-sac neighborhood in a very desirable area of Burlingame. Appraisal and chimney inspection had just been completed before my arrival and property and termite inspectors have arrived early. Timing is good. Met clients at the property and they were able to get verbal assessments of the house directly from the inspectors. This is very important. Don’t shoot the messenger. It’s important that buyers hear from the inspectors directly on their findings of the house. House has really good bones and excited to get the clients in next month.

Had two sellers also signing off at escrow today and placing my new West San Jose Strawberry Park listing on the market at the same time as well. Still trying to figure out how to be in four places at once. When someone can figure that out, let me know. Spoke to each client over the phone to discuss next steps and any concerns. A dispute between my clients and a general contractor reminded me that good help is really hard to find. Consistent good help is even harder. Summer time must be peak season for contractors. I have to wait two months just to get a painter, that I helped jumpstart his business many years ago, to help me paint a house. The contractor rolodex is always changing.

My assistant dropped me off at a Peet’s Coffee near my house and I worked on Inbox Zero. Then perambulated home. Drove to pick up some food for dinner (and subsequently fielded a call from a potential seller who spend 10 minutes letting me know why he selected the another agent to sell their house rather than me. Constructive criticism is hard to take but it builds character. Always ask for feedback. It was hard for me to hold my tongue especially when the seller says, "She has 20 years of experience". Time (years) in the real estate business pulls little weight. I know some agents that have been in the business longer than I have been alive yet have sold no more than ten homes in their career. Do I sound defensive or pissed? I probably am... but it'll pass. Building character...)

After dinner, time for the family to go to Summer Jazz Series at Stanford Shopping Center. Every Thursday at 6pm. Come early for seats. Kids brought their new camping chairs, chilled out to watch listen to some great jazz music before heading back home. Passed out for about 5 minutes. It was great.

Got home, kissed my bride and kids good night, and then headed to the office for an eight-thirty to introduce a friend, who was looking to sell his home in Central Richmond, to a San Francisco real estate agent that I recommended. By the time everything was wrapped up, it was 10:30pm. Back home. Hug my bride. Glass of wine. Journal. Good night.