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Gloom to Bloom in 12 Days

This Mountain View listing located in the heart Silicon Valley brought together a lot of the expertise I’ve gained over the years, so we documented the entire process to show how I took the home from “gloom to bloom.”

Listing Your Home for Sale: How Buyers View the Things You Do and Don’t Do

When interviewing for a new job, how do you prepare yourself? You get a haircut and ensure your hands are well-manicured. You put on your best suit, pick tasteful jewelry, and shine your shoes. In short, you ensure that you present a polished, professional image so that the interviewing company will hire you for a nice sum of money. Because everyone knows, ‘you only have one chance to make a first impression.’ Now take this same lesson - you only have one chance to make a first impression – and apply it to a home for sale. I ran across the perfect scenario to illustrate my point while showing properties recently.

1031 Exchange Offers Tax-Deferment of Capital Gains

If you are considering selling your investment property, remember that the IRS will tax your capital gains at 15% and then California will take an additional 9.3% for a grand total of 24.3% in taxes on your hard-earned equity. If you would like to defer that painful tax bill, you may want to consider doing a 1031 Exchange. What is a 1031 Exchange you may ask? A 1031 Exchange allows investors to ‘exchange’ ‘like-kind’ properties rather than sell them through the use of a Qualified Intermediary who holds the sale proceeds from the first property until a replacement property(ies) can be purchased within a very specific, non-extendable time period. Let us walk through the salient points of this description one-by-one so that we can get a better understanding of the 1031 Exchange requirements.