Speed Real Estate Mentoring Training and Coaching | AWV002

Taking my 16 years of real estate experience and distilling it down to just 10 minutes is a great way to reflect on what I'd like to most pass on to other agents getting started in the industry. That's exactly what I was asked to do during a recent "speed mentoring" event hosted by the Asian Real Estate Association of America (AREAA). For 10 minutes at a time, I talked to a small group of agents and did my best to share my experiences and answer their questions. Here's some quick highlights: 

  1. At the end of the day it doesn't matter what CRM you use, it matters that you use it 
  2. Be authentic and sincere, or else your clients will not trust you with any decision
  3. The ability to say "no" when negotiating is so crucial
  4. Build your online presence now, start with your website and Facebook

I had an outstanding time during the event and I hope I was able to share at least one useful tip to the agents I talked to. It was also a good opportunity to get good feedback on what agents are most concerned about, and see if I can tap into those discussions further. Obviously 10 minutes is a short time to cover everything, so if you'd like to continue the discussion below, leave a comment! 


80/20 Mapping Your Real Estate Business and Life | AWV001

Here it is! Episode 001 of my VLOG documenting my journey as a Silicon Valley real estate agent selling in one of the most competitive markets in the nation. 

Opening the series is a meeting with a mentor who discusses 80/20 Mapping, which is derived from the Pareto principle (wiki). We go over how we can use this method to help prioritize my life (and yours!) and figure out what's important or what's just sucking up time. 

Video series - THE RIGHT DIRT

In this video series we’re at one of my listings in the Old Palo Alto neighborhood, known for being one of the most desirable neighborhoods in not just Palo Alto, but in the entire Silicon Valley. In the heart of Palo Alto, we are minutes from downtown Palo Alto, popular parks, Stanford University, and top-ranked schools.

Downtown Palo Alto

Downtown Palo Alto

From a real estate sale perspective, my initial impressions of the 2-story house was it had 1940s charm with good curb appeal and a deep lot. But the value is in the land when you’re located in such a prestigious neighborhood. Just to give you an idea, the sale price per square foot of land in this neighborhood typically passes $500.


Although the value might be in the dirt, we still wanted to appeal to the largest group of buyers as possible and that means putting in work on the home to showcase its potential. The landscaping was already nicely done but the sellers had just moved out, so we had some work on day one to get the interior open house ready. That included bringing in a hauler to help me take down the drapes, removing the old carpeting, and clearing out all old personal items from the interior. 

As you can see below, by showcasing the wood flooring under the old carpet we really were able to increase the appeal of the home interior.


Once I had determined with the sellers the amount of work they wanted to put into the house, the second part of preparing a home for market is doing off-market promotion and reaching out to local real estate agents to build up anticipation.  

GTB3_MM_171129.00_02_49_06.Still006 copy.jpg

With this high of a price point, the pool of buyers was smaller and the market moves a little slower. So we had the house on market for 2 weeks before I decided to set an offer deadline. 

When we’re taking offers, I play big role here in managing everyones emotions and negotiating on behalf of my clients to get them the highest possible price. In this situation, we had two strong offers over the asking price and my clients opted to do multiple counters and create competition between the remaining buying agents. 

Once we got into contract on Tuesday, the sellers had their money in escrow the following Tuesday. That’s a 7 day close, which is one of the fastest and most impressive closings you can have in real estate. 

Video series - ALL ABOUT THE VIEW

We’re back again with another home transformation, this time in the beautiful Emerald Hills neighborhood of Redwood city. Located on a hillside cul-de-sac, this particular 4-bedroom home was spacious and had plenty of potential, however, the most desirable feature of the property was hidden behind a row of junipers that obscured fantastic views of the Silicon Valley below. With a little landscaping, along with interior updates, we elevated the home to be “All About The View.”

Phase One

Like the first property I showcased in our video series “Gloom to Bloom”, our goal was to transform the home and attract the a larger pool of buyers. We started off quickly by painting all the cabinetry and interior walls, installing flooring, and building a wall in one of the bedrooms to better define the space. We touched up the front door and walkway, and prepared for landscaping to come in and dramatically change the back yard and take advantage of that incredible view.

The kitchen undergoing a new paint job.

The kitchen undergoing a new paint job.

Picking out new flooring.

Picking out new flooring.

Brand new bedroom wall installed.

Brand new bedroom wall installed.

Phase Two

Phase two began with the immense transformation of the view from the back of the house. The landscaper came to remove the junipers, plant rows of fresh flowers and new mulch. To make things challenging, the usually temperate Silicon Valley weather gave us a rare heat wave. The solution was for me to pick up a hose and water the plants myself over the weekend.

Watering the plants after a heatwave.

Watering the plants after a heatwave.

One real estate tip is to pull off all the window and door screens. It really brightens up the house, and gave an unobscured look out to our panoramic views. 

Removing window screens to let light in.

Removing window screens to let light in.

With all the interior work finished, it was time for the stagers to come in. Stagers play a large role in making the photography stand out, but also staging allows a buyer to build an emotional bond with the home by seeing the potential of building a new life for themselves inside.

Stagers coming in to place furniture in the home.

Stagers coming in to place furniture in the home.

The Sale

After seeing what the stagers had done to the house, I was amazed. It had really come together and felt like home. With the house ready to go on market, we went into the final stages with photography, producing copy and marketing assets, and holding open houses.

In less than a week of going on market, I had property into contract with multiple competitive offers. When a client entrusts me with the sale of his home, they can be sure that I will take care of every aspect of the sale from start to finish. It's one of my favorite parts of my job to see a home transformed like this, the sellers always comment that they want to move back in! 

What a view!

What a view!

If you have questions about selling your Silicon Valley home, let’s talk.

Worst Real Estate Agent Reviews

We told these actors they'd be reading some of the worst online reviews.

Here's what happened when they read real estate agent Alex Wang's online reviews.

  1. oh, thank you
  2. remember the adage, you get what you pay for?
  3. after our experience with Alex Wang I would have to say that this holds true
  4. I expected Realtors in the Bay Area to be working at an especially high level of professionalism
  5. but Alex Wang, he stood apart.
  6. after meeting Alex and interviewing him
  7. I thought I've found just the broker I was looking for
  8. Alex seemed to know what he was doing
  9. in my case
  10. Alex is marketing and staging teams presented our house beautifully
  11. great photos and marketing materials guys
  12. they were always upbeat
  13. positive and fun to deal with unlike some Realtors who focused on high-end clients or
  14. volume clients Alex is all about the one-on-one
  15. relationship and is devoted to all of his clients
  16. working with Alex was a unique pleasure
  17. In short Alex is a bad... ass
  18. agent very intelligent
  19. experienced and balanced and harmonious person to deal with you have a home you want to sell a top-dollar
  20. call this man
  21. we are very happy to have worked with him to sell our house and to now think of him as a friend
  22. not how I thought that would go

Hope you enjoyed this video! Your comments and reviews are the lifeblood of my business. See what other clients are saying about their experience working with me below:

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Gloom to Bloom in 12 Days

This Mountain View listing located in the heart Silicon Valley brought together a lot of the expertise I’ve gained over the years, so we documented the entire process to show how I took the home from “gloom to bloom.”

A Better Way for Real Estate Agents to Provide Disclosure Packages Using Google Drive

In our fast-paced Silicon Valley real estate market, the time it takes to prepare, distribute, and track disclosure packages can be daunting for any top agent. It also takes time away from closing deals! So what can be done to streamline the process?

Using Google Drive for Disclosures

If you are not familiar with Google Drive, don’t worry, here’s a great interactive tour to help get up to speed on how to use Drive. You’ll want to learn how to upload documents and reference the templates that I have below.

Things Real Estate Agents Should Not Say - #1

I am consistently amused by the words that I hear some "ethically-challenged" real estate agents say. With an industry where the barrier to entry is so low (raise the bar please!) and over 50,000 licensed agents in our MLS, it's just bound to happen that our paths cross. Since I'm getting older and I think I'm starting to forget things, I'm now committed to documenting these unbelievable (or believable, depending on how you look at it) statements that I hear from real estate agents. This is partly to poke fun at these agents for my own amusement, but even more so to hopefully raise the professional standards of real estate professionals.