A Sunset at Muir Beach

There was nothing I could do at that point.  The rain was coming in over the horizon and the only choice I had left was to be hypnotized by the sight. 

And as the impending sheet of water draped itself over the sky, the reflection from the setting sun faded through the last details of the ocean below, to the point where only the glow of a golden shadow remained.  Welcome to Northern California.

Image of Muir Beach Sunset

A Trip in Reverse to Muir Beach

I never did get a chance to chase the pot of gold.  It was unusual that there wasn't even the slightest breeze, but evenings in Marin County are chilly most of the year --- especially after the sky has just baptized you --- so my car was looking very comfortable in the parking lot a few hundred feet away...

Image of Muir Beach Pot of Gold

There was a young couple standing on the overlook.  Just like I did, they wound their way down the railed path, which was surprisingly treacherous because of how dry it had been a just those few short minutes before.  They were... enjoying their moment... so I made my way back up the pathway...

Image of Muir Beach Overlook
Image of Muir Beach Overlook

Truthfully, I hadn't even noticed the path up to that point.  Sometimes you get so lost taking pictures you forget where you are.  But when you look out past what you ever thought you could see and you're still fascinated by what's actually there, I'm not sure it deserves anything less...

Image of Muir Beach View
Image of Muir Beach View

Sunset was coming quickly to Muir Beach and I hurried out of my car nearly dropping my camera on the concrete in the process.  It was a spectacular day for a sunset and I was wondering why the parking lot was virtually empty.  Maybe they'd heard something I didn't?

Image of Muir Beach Entrance
Image of Muir Beach Entrance

Her Cousin: Muir Woods

Muir Woods isn't as photogenic as his nearby cousin Muir Beach, with her flowing blonde sunsets and milky blue seas.  Located deep in the Marin valleys --- he's accessible, but not easily, through a winding two-lane road.

Muir Beach is extraordinary; Muir Woods, with redwoods reaching over 200 feet tall, is a National Monument. 

And one of the closest places in the Bay Area you can see the salmon run every year!

Image of Muir Woods