A Better Way for Real Estate Agents to Provide Disclosure Packages Using Google Drive

In our fast-paced Silicon Valley real estate market, the time it takes to prepare, distribute, and track disclosure packages can be daunting for any top agent. It also takes time away from closing deals! So what can be done to streamline the process?

Using Google Drive for Disclosures

If you are not familiar with Google Drive, don’t worry, here’s a great interactive tour to help get up to speed on how to use Drive. You’ll want to learn how to upload documents and reference the templates that I have below.

Buyer Agent Workflow

Step 1: Requestor clicks on disclosure link located at the bottom of the MLS listing (or anywhere else the listing agent decides to place it).


Step 2: Requestor answers a few basic questions in the disclosure request form below (customizable to what information listing agent wants to know) and clicks ‘SUBMIT’.

[Here is real working example of the disclosure request form using Google forms]




Step 3: Requestor receives a message thanking them for their disclosure package request and is immediately provided with the link to access the disclosure package (link can be shared with others). 


Listing Agent Workflow

Step 1: Listing agent or assistant views the Disclosure Response Log and has full visibility of time-stamped disclosure package requests and agent contact information. This is all done automatically and real-time as the request forms are filled in.

Tip: As a listing agent, the more data you have on who, when, how many disclosures have been requested will provide a much better position to negotiate the highest price for your sellers.

That’s it! All your disclosures documents are kept in one place and synced across all devices for easy access. Then without any additional work, buyer agents retrieve disclosure documents automatically and quickly while leaving any pertinent information with you. 

Remember, be efficient or become extinct. Happy selling!

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