5 Quick and Easy Social Media for Real Estate Tips

Big thanks to the Sereno Group Willow Glen office for hosting the social media round table today. Wanted to share a couple takeaways from the amazing panel today as well as a "5 quick steps to get started..." infographic that was shared with me.

Holly Barr

  • great hyperlocal and valuable content
  • Willow Glen Charm has more than 33,000 likes on her Facebook page (that's 1/2 the population of Willow Glen!)
  • take-away: focus your branding on one platform and one area instead of trying to "do-it-all"

Mary Pope-Handy

  • real passion: Mary is a true blogger, she's "addicted" to blogging and writing
  • her suite of websites are a true example of great organic content
  • take-away: create valuable and engaging content to build trust

Hadar Guibara

  • clean look and design with easy navigation
  • pictures, pictures pictures
  • take-away: don't forget good, clean design and pictures on your websites and social media platforms