Worst Real Estate Agent Reviews

We told these actors they'd be reading some of the worst online reviews.

Here's what happened when they read real estate agent Alex Wang's online reviews.

1 oh, thank you

2 remember the adage, you get what you pay for?

3 after our experience with Alex Wang I would have to say that this holds true

4 I expected Realtors in the Bay Area to be working at an especially high level of professionalism

5 but Alex Wang, he stood apart.

6 after meeting Alex and interviewing him

7 I thought I've found just the broker I was looking for

8 Alex seemed to know what he was doing

9 in my case

10 Alex is marketing and staging teams presented our house beautifully

11 great photos and marketing materials guys

12 they were always upbeat

13 positive and fun to deal with unlike some Realtors who focused on high-end clients or

14 volume clients Alex is all about the one-on-one

15 relationship and is devoted to all of his clients

16 working with Alex was a unique pleasure

17 In short Alex is a bad... ass

18 agent very intelligent

19 experienced and balanced and harmonious person to deal with you have a home you want to sell a top-dollar

20 call this man

21 we are very happy to have worked with him to sell our house and to now think of him as a friend

22 not how I thought that would go


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