The Day After Selection Sunday: Blog Gems

Image of Gem 5

Here's a roundup of some of the best articles I read from recent carnivals which will help folks looking to buy a house, save money for real estate, and keep their financial troubles to a minimum.  These posts definitely deserve the distinction of being true Blog Gems!

- Carnival Towards Better Life: The Digerati Life's article Avoid a Bitter Feud: Estate Planning to the Rescue!

- Carnival of Personal Finance: My Two Dollars' article Why We Save Our Money

- Carnival of 30s and 40s Finances: YBother posts 10 Money Tips for Almost Everyone

- Carnival of Real Estate for Consumers: Jonathan Greene and the Tale of the Terrible "F" Bomb

- Carnival of Improvement: Getting Green's The One True Secret of the Rich

And a thank you to My Wealth Builder for shouting out When Not to Buy a House as their top carnival pick from the Carnival Towards Better Life.