Silicon Valley Monopoly: The Consumer Carnival of Real Estate

Image of Monopoly Pieces

Welcome, have a roll of the dice and a thank you to the two dozen people who sent in their great content.  Here we go...

A deuce and a one: hop, hop, hop and onto the purple tile of Juniper Networks.  Coming in with the fifth largest market cap in this game, $11.44 billion,we have Maureen Francis and her 10 Things You Can't Do If You Want to Sell Your Home.  Jonathan Greene covers this ground from a different perspective in his 5 Ways to Be Awesomely Awesome (and Get It Sold).

Have another roll.  It's a nine.  Let's move quickly, it'd stink to have to spend an entire turn talking to the guy in jail about his backdated stock options!  For the money he made, he can afford his own fifty bucks to get out of there.

Ah, the Electric Company, PG&E.  Coming in with the fourth largest market cap of $17.34 billion, we have Nigel Swaby and his Real Estate Questions and Answers - All About Purchases.  His story about due diligence is an important read for consumers.

Okay, boxcars, nice roll!  Twelve spaces ahead brings us to big red Oracle.  Coming in with the third largest market cap in the game, $93.26 billion, is Toby Boyce and his What Does an Experienced Realtor Provide for You?  He runs the numbers and the results are surprising.

Lucky seven brings us to Cisco green and the second largest market cap of $153 billion.  Hauling in this kind of dough is YBother's techie post on 10 Reasons Why Smart Homes Can't Get Into Your Home[ed. Geek alert.] Those of us with piles of unused X10 switches feel your pain.

A pair of fours.  On the bright blue Boardwalk square, winning the Google prize with the number one market cap of $143 bill... oh wait, uh, oops... is Dan Melson and his How to Effectively Shop for a Listing Agent.  The format and length can be intimidating but for consumers there are gems in there.

Again, thank you to all who sent in your work.  You made it really hard to choose only five.  Please pass GO and collect your well-earned $200 from the next host, the Salt Lake Real Estate Blog.