New Orleans: The Best Way to Help

One more temporary pause from Silicon Valley real estate.  The best way to help New Orleans is to have a blast there!  Then, tell everyone you know that you lit up the French Quarter and you ate your heart out.  Laissez les bons temps rouler!

Image of Bourbon St.
Image of Bourbon St.

On a serious note, I was really disappointed that there wasn't any mention of New Orleans in the State of the Union Address

Forget policy, how about a couple words about the hardworking folks who are digging out the ruined memories of their own houses, cleaning up toxic mold, and still going to work to keep normal life going for other people?

The Voices of New Orleans Blog really captures the complete abandonment people there feel and summarizes opinions from publications across the country. 

People donate but I'm sure they're also willing to drive through a few potholes if some of our federal tax money to goes to people who really need it.