Wild Orchid Mountain View


There is a new luxury development that has been getting a lot of attention lately because of its location and close proximity to downtown Mountain View.  Not only is it close to the downtown area, but it is also within walking distance to the Mt. View Caltrain station, has freeway access close-by, and is surrounded by single family homes, parks, the Center for the Performing Arts and City Hall offices.  The Wild Orchid development is located on the corner of Dana Street and Calderon Avenue.


The exclusiveness to this area is because of the very convenient location to downtown.  It is only a ½ mile walk to the heart of where all the action is; downtown restaurants, unique shops, night clubs, coffee shops, and independent book stores are just a few of the niceties.  And if you get in now to one of these homes you won't have to fight the parking situation of the ever-so-popular Mountain View Art and Wines Festival, coming September 7-8, 2008.

The builder of Wild Orchid development is Castle Companies, which is a family owned and operated builder in Northern California .  They have been around since 1966 and are recently building communities as far north as Yolo County , Napa Valley , down the East Bay and now into the Peninsula , which brings us to the Wild Orchid community.  The naming of these communities is as unique as each setting where these new developments are being built. 

Details on the Wild Orchid in Mountain View

The Wild Orchid development is nice, in the fact that there are only 2 floor plans to choose from:  Residence 1 which is a large 1844 square foot home with 3 bedroom 3.5 bathrooms and a 2-car garage.  Residence 2 has three elevation plans to choose from and range from 1,787-1,844 square feet; they are 3 bedroom, 2.5 bathrooms with a 2-car garage.  It is a small community of only 39 single family homes.

The detail and craftsmanship in these homes is beautiful.  As we know when we enter any model home, they are all shiny and glistening with new stainless appliances and marble floors, crown molding, stereo systems and beautifully stained hardwood floors.  The price point on these homes starts at $899K standard; however as I entered the model homes I noticed that all that gleam was an "?optional' feature and will ultimately put a lot of weight on that $899K price tag.

The community is slowly being built in three phases.  The first phase of homes has a move-in date of July-August time frame; phase II will be ready in October, and phase III will be complete December, 2008.  So far, 1/3 of the homes are sold with a few others reserved.  The construction is coming along, but it appears that buyers are purchasing from the location map, sight unseen.  From talking with the sales manager at Wild Orchid, he told me that buyers that are inquiring and purchasing in the community are recently married, no children, young professionals that work in the surrounding area.  They are attracted to having an active lifestyle with the entertainment of night clubs and restaurants and coffee shops near-by.

Wild Orchid's Location

The site of these homes may be a little worrisome to buyers as it is located at a busy intersection, and adjacent to Landel School.  Some people don't like the idea of living near schools because "?undesirable' people tend to hang out in school parks after hours; however, Landel School is a great family public park, and there is a trailhead at the North corner of the school.  This is great for those that like to walk and hike; it is very popular with mommies that like to stroll with their babies and children. 

If you are interested in this new development and would like to be represented by an area specialist of this community, please contact me.  I have been through the community and the surrounding area, and this is truly a wonderful area to live, especially if you get excited about being close to a downtown area, and like the convenience of shops and restaurants.  Not to mention the convenience of CalTrain, freeways and the security of living amongst single family residences.  I enjoy working with prospective buyers looking at new developments in the Bay Area and I cooperate with many local developers; in addition, I have experience in the new home buying process, as I help to negotiate in the best interest of my client, and to make the home buying process as smooth and effortless as possible.

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