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A sincere thank you to Larry Cragun of Real Estate Undressed for nominating the Silicon Valley Real Estate Blog article Real Estate Myths Home Buyers Fall in Love With as one of February's "Magnificent 7 Consumer Articles." 

Some of the other authors featured have written other excellent articles which aren't featured in the round-up, but are great reading from their archives:

- Rhonda Porter writes about the factors you need to consider when applying for a mortgage in How Strong Are Your Legs?

- The Northern Virginia Real Estate Guide published A Sad, Sad, Sad True Story about a good family trapped in a bind by unethical behavior.

- Lisa Dunn posts a Minnesota Baby Boomer Study that highlights some important and some amusing insights about the Boomer population.

The Consumer-Oriented Carnival of Real Estate host this week, Jonathan Dalton, says hello by calling out Scents That Keep Your House From Selling Faster as a top five pick.

And, the Towards a Better Life Carnival by Victor Fam gives a shout out to the Silicon Valley Real Estate Blog article When Not to Buy a House.  His carnival is broad coverage of areas where people want to improve their lives including careers, financial independence, goals, and personal development.