10 Things About Me, 9 True: Tagged by Real Opinionated

Jonathan Greene over at Real Opinionated blog tagged me for 10 things people didn't know about me beforehand.  The spin is that one of them is a complete fabrication, bogosity incarnate!  So without further ado...

1/  My middle name is Dominic.

2/  I've had brain surgery.

3/  Jonathan got better SAT scores than I did.

4/  I'm searching for the world's best clam chowder.

5/  I'm deathly afraid of roaches.

6/  I'm really proud of my high school for reopening only a few months after Katrina hit.

7/  My favorite geek moment is texting my friends from the top of Uluru.

8/  I drew a daily comic strip about a wizard in a bathrobe for three years.

9/  I moved to 9 different cities across the U.S. before 15.

10/ MIT was my first choice school. 

BTW, I'll spot people one.  #3 is completely true!  Thanks Jonathan, a little introspection is fun!  You can check out the full thread on his Tampa real estate site.

Dearest reader, please consider yourself tagged at your leisure.  Free... um, smiles... for anyone who posts their 10! ;-)