Gloom to Bloom in 12 Days

This Mountain View listing located in the heart Silicon Valley brought together a lot of the expertise I’ve gained over the years, so we documented the entire process to show how I took the home from “gloom to bloom.”

Survival of the Fittest: Real Estate Agent Extinction

Survival of the Fittest: Real Estate Agent Extinction

It can be common in the Silicon Valley real estate market to have a property go live on the MLS mid-week, then hold one or two open houses the following weekend, and then look at any and all offers during the following week. This supply in our market just moves this fast... and some agents are having trouble keeping up.

I received a message today (Monday) from an agent that was holding an open house for one of my Los Altos properties for sale after finding out that the offer deadline was set for Wednesday morning, “Alex, you and your time for offers is not fair. Disclosures on Monday and little time to work with buyers and offers due Wednesday morning. Buyers work and so do we.” 

This type of message really rubs me the wrong way, so hence my rant. 

A Better Way for Real Estate Agents to Provide Disclosure Packages Using Google Drive

In our fast-paced Silicon Valley real estate market, the time it takes to prepare, distribute, and track disclosure packages can be daunting for any top agent. It also takes time away from closing deals! So what can be done to streamline the process?

Using Google Drive for Disclosures

If you are not familiar with Google Drive, don’t worry, here’s a great interactive tour to help get up to speed on how to use Drive. You’ll want to learn how to upload documents and reference the templates that I have below.

Things Real Estate Agents Should Not Say - #1

I am consistently amused by the words that I hear some "ethically-challenged" real estate agents say. With an industry where the barrier to entry is so low (raise the bar please!) and over 50,000 licensed agents in our MLS, it's just bound to happen that our paths cross. Since I'm getting older and I think I'm starting to forget things, I'm now committed to documenting these unbelievable (or believable, depending on how you look at it) statements that I hear from real estate agents. This is partly to poke fun at these agents for my own amusement, but even more so to hopefully raise the professional standards of real estate professionals.

Inman Real Estate Connect 2014 Highlights and Take-Aways

Inman Real Estate Connect 2014 Highlights and Take-Aways

Spent two-and-a-half days at the Inman Real Estate Connect conference. It was great to be invited to speak on a panel about "Great Real Estate Transactions" and to learn from so many forward thinking real estate professionals. There was a ton of info and I couldn't be in multiple places at once, but here are some highlights, take-aways and personal action items from last week's event:

Chronicles of a Silicon Valley Real Estate Evangelist - Day 2,952

This Saturdy was one of those half work/half home days. It's possible (but not easy) to turn completely "off", but today was not one of those days. 

Started the morning contacting someone interested in selling their family's home in San Mateo and relocating to the Palo Alto area. Played a little phone/email/text tag, but we were able to connect and schedule a tentative meeting for Tuesday. I know there are some agents that think that they must pick up every phone call otherwise they will lose business. I'm not one of those agents. Our business is hard enough as it is with just returning phone calls! If someone is not willing to wait for me to call them back at a more appropriate time, then what value do I have as an agent? Chopped liver is all that I would be. What's your value?